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Meet Our Barbers




Yuri was born in Russia and has been cutting hair since 2006.  He loves art and has explored art his whole life.  His pass time includes photography, kite surfing and snowboarding.  Yuri became a Barber because he is creative and knew he was great at it.  He believes his good hands, communication skills, vision and creativity make him a quality barber who you want to cut your hair.  He loves the independance and flexibility of his career.  His most famous client was Michael Futa. Iouri's Barber is Will.


Yur's Hours:

Monday & Wednesday 12-8:30, Thursday & Friday 10-7, Saturday 9:30-5:30.

Vacation Time:




Frank was born in Italy and began his training in Mississauga, Ontario when he decided to join the family hairstyling business.  Frank worked for 10 years at Vincent Hair Salon in Markham before he joined Danny, Vincent's Son, at the Barber's Chair in Vaughan Mills.  Frank has over 34 years experience and enjoys a good coversation with his customers about sports.  Frank believes in customer care and service.  His favorite tools are his sissor and razor.  Frank's Barber is Will/Iouri.  


Frank's Hours:

Monday 10-6, Tuesday 10-6, Friday 10-5, Saturday 9:30-5

Vacation Time:




Irena was born in Siberia, Russia.  She was trained in Peterborough, Ontario and has been cutting hair for 12 years.  She became a Barber because she earned her Diploma in hairstying and found it easy and comfortable working with men.  She states that the qualities of a good barber are attidude, communication skills, quality, details and being thorough.  Irina enjoys talking with people and socializing.  She has a side business called Match Maker and enjoys helping people. 


Irina's Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10-7, Wednesday 10-6, Saturday 9:30-5:00.

Vacation Time: 




Welcome Will to our line up of Barber's. He has strong attention to detail which shows in his fades, line ups, and hot towel shaves. Not only does Will provide quality work, but Will also enjoys communicating and geting to know his clients. Will also shares his love for work in his music and acting. Before becoming a barber for The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills Yuri was his barber. To this day, Iouri still cuts his hair. 


Wil's Hours:

Monday 10-6, Wednesday 10-3, Thursday & Friday 12-7:30, Saturday 9:30-5

Vacation Time:





Owner of The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills.


Danny's Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4-8:30, Saturday 9:30-5.

Vacation Time: March Break and First two weeks of August


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