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Barbershop barber haircut fade
Barbershop barber haircut fade


Welcome back to one of the few remaining bastion of male space…The Barber Shop. A place where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, good conversation is flowing and a fresh espresso is waiting for you. When you walk into The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills you have walked into an oasis for men.  Far detached from the unisex salons and beauty salons where most of the clients are mainly women, men would sit there quietly having their hair cut and then leave. The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills,  however, is a distinct place of manliness and a cool place to hang out for men. For most men, visiting the Barber Shop has become a habit, it’s a place to get a great hair cut and a shave while also socializing with friends and catching up on sports, politics and current events. Many men have rediscovered the barbershop brining in their children and grandchildren. At The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills,  you are not just a client, but you are part of a social circle in the community. Come on by…we look forward to serving you. 


About the owner:


At the young age of 10, Danny began sweeping cleaning and running errands at his Father’s Barber Shop in Mississauga, Ontario.  His father, Vince, trained in his home town Castleforte, Latina, Italy and worked as a Barber in Germany before moving to Canada to begin his career.  After graduating from post-secondary school, Danny attended Hairstyling School and trained in Barbering techniques under the watchful eye of his father.  After completing his apprenticeship license, Danny established his career and became the Barber you trusted to cut your hair.  In 2004, Danny chose to build his traditional Barber Shop in Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre operating under the franchise name "The Barber's Chair." The shop has a classic and sports theme that creates an atmosphere that reflects his passion and personality.  In January 2015, Danny moved the Barber Shop to its new location in Tuscany Place Vaughan Mills and is operating under its new name "The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills."  Danny is most proud of the relationships he and his staff have developed in the community and his loyal clientele which followed him to  the new location.




Great place for a haircut
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