Tired of fundraisers that only earn you marginal dollars and change, require refrigeration, storage, pick up and delievery, watering plants or are priced higher than retail stores. Need a new an exciting fundraiser opportunity for your sports teams that even your own players and families will buy!


Well, we have the solution for you!!!

The Barber Shop Vaughan Mills provides a hair cutting service to Boys, Teenagers, Men and Seniors. For your team, The Barber's Chair will provide your team with the materials and services you need to easily raise $750 for your players/team.  For each team that has sold over 100 services, the team will be awarded in addition $100 in retail products or services at The Barber Shopin Vaughan Mills.  This bonus offer can be used for your banquets, raffles and year end parties.  There is only limited opportunity available for the 2014/15 year.  So start planning now!

You will never find an easier and exciting fundraising experience! This fundraiser provides instant rewards...Cash Money for your teams/players to use towards player registration fees or tournaments/competitions and a bonus offer in which you can raffle off to earn more $$$$.  Don't forget, there is no inconvenience for parents to  wait in lines to pick up products and/or long drives across the city to deliver the items.

For further detailed information please contact Betty or Caroline and provide us with your team name, association, division,

sport, number of players per team, your role on the team and contact info. 



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